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Journal on School Educational Technology

2007 Volume 2, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Education Policies in Pakistan--Process & FOCI of Change

    Taqadus Bashir Chaudhry & Pervez A. Shami

    To achieve the highest pedestal of civilization knowledge is the key driver toward the product of education. All the independent states like Pakistan are under obligation to recognize education as ... More

    pp. 15-20

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  2. Curriculum for E-Teaching in Teacher Education--A Conceptual Framework

    R. Ravi & R. Ananthasayanam

    During the past few years a revolution has taken place in the teaching-learning process of education. Technology plays a significant role in imparting education at all levels i.e. from primary to... More

    pp. 21-25

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  3. Classroom Integration of Technology: Are Teachers Understanding?

    Jerry P. Galloway

    Teachers continue to be trained following a ritualized approach for skills and competencies. But, a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts, improvement of problem-solving and high-order... More

    pp. 26-30

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  4. Evaluating Student Teacher Performance

    Carmencita L. Castolo & Rosemariebeth R. Dizon

    Evaluation is a continuous process interwoven into the entire students teaching experience. Preplanning the evaluation process is therefore very important. Without continuous planned evaluation... More

    pp. 31-34

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  5. A Model for the Correlates of Students' Creative Thinking

    Mahender Reddy Sarsani

    The present study was aimed to explore the relationships between orgainsational or school variables, students' personal background variables, and cognitive and motivational variables. The sample... More

    pp. 35-48

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  6. Participation Levels of Primary School Teachers Viewing Pre-Recorded Video Programme: An Analysis of Teachers Training Programme

    K. Srinivasan

    This article provides a detailed analysis of the teachers who attended the training for primary education and viewed pre-recorded cassette using Group Observation method. First the paper discusses ... More

    pp. 49-52

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  7. Defining and Measuring Psychomotor Performance

    Ossi Autio

    Psychomotor performance is fundamental to human existence. It is important in many real world activities and nowadays psychomotor tests are used in several fields of industry, army, and medical... More

    pp. 53-62

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  8. Educational Technology: A Confidence Builder and Problem Solver in Learning English at Standard I

    G. Singaravelu

    The present study investigates the learning impediments of the learners in English at Standard I and found the effectiveness of AVRM approach (Audio-Visual, Relia and Multimedia) to eliminate the... More

    pp. 63-65

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