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Journal on School Educational Technology

2005 Volume 1, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Creating Sensitive Environments for Parent Involvement Meetings

    Laverne Warner & John Barrera

    The most important step to parent involvement is helping parents to value education. Successful parent involvement often hinges on employing a wide variety of presentation methods to meet parents' ... More

    pp. 14-18

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  2. A Critical Approach towards Dyslexia

    Bobby Leonard

    This article discusses dyslexia (one of the many complex issues that affects students) and the ways to tackle it appropriately. Dyslexia is described as a syndrome in which a person's reading and... More

    pp. 19-21

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  3. Reaching Teachers Worldwide

    Alvaro Galvis

    The Internet provides opportunities for students in developing countries to interact both with a wide variety of educational resources and with distant students and teachers. For a decade the... More

    pp. 22-24

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  4. Communication Skills for Effective Transaction of Curriculum in Futuristic Classrooms

    Veer Pal Singh & Basant Bahadur Singh

    Communication is essential in each and every sphere of life, and is considered the fundamental social process because human beings interact with each other through communication in social settings.... More

    pp. 25-29

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  5. Meta Cognition as a Means for Dialogue, Self Regulation and Learning--A Case Study from an Implementation of Problem-Based Learning

    Ranga Venkatachary & Muthu Kumar

    One of the key arguments for problem-based learning as a holistic, learner centred pedagogical method rests on the premise it addresses multiple facets of learner development rather than... More

    pp. 31-37

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  6. Personalised Search Tool for Teachers--PoSTech!

    Faezeh Seyedarabi, Don Peterson & Kevin Keenoy

    One of the ways in which teachers tend to "personalise" to the needs of their students is by complementing their teaching materials with online resources. However, the current online... More

    pp. 38-49

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  7. Consequences of the Use of Private Coaching System to Enter Universities: A Study in Sri Lanka

    Sarath B. Siyambalapitiya

    University admissions for professional degree programmes has become very competitive in many countries in the world. While students have to score high aggregate of marks at the university entrance ... More

    pp. 50-56

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  8. Defining a Process in a Creative and Co-Operative Technology Education Course

    Ossi Autio & Jari Lavonen

    Historically, technology educators have chosen the creation of products or projects as a means to teach technological concepts. Although it is true that technology is most commonly known by its... More

    pp. 57-65

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