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Staff and Educational Development International

1999 Volume 3, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Enhanced Science and Technology Teaching-Learning Processes and Novel Technologies: From Theory to Practice

    Moshe Barak

    Discusses theoretical approaches to teaching and learning in the past 20 years, and their link to computer and communication technology. Presents examples of recent programs to improve science and ... More

    pp. 21-33

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  2. The Innovative Use of ICT in Methodology and Statistics Education

    Rob Martens, Hannelore Dekeyeser & Tjaart Imbos

    Discusses the problems of providing methodology and statistics (higher) education (MSE) to students for whom these subjects are merely of auxiliary interest relative to their major course of study.... More

    pp. 85-101

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  3. The Realities of Implementing a Technology Plan in High School: A Personal Account

    Mark Vondracek

    Discusses the potential of technology in classrooms, along with the problems that occur with implementing curricular changes throughout an entire school. Addresses considerations such as staff... More

    pp. 129-36

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