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Indian Journal of Open Learning

1999 Volume 8, Number 3

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Quality Assurance in Open and Distance Education

    Ian Mugridge, Former Director (Programmes), Commonweath of Learning, Canada

    [Reproduced below is the fourth Prof. G. Ram Reddy Memorial Lecture delivered on July 2, 1999, by Professor Ian Mugridge at the lndira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.] More

    pp. 213-220

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  2. Quality Monitoring and Quality Assurance in Distance Professional Education

    A.K. Agarwal & T.K. Jena, SOHS, lndira Gandhi National Open University , New Delhi

    India is the second most populous nation with a population which has touched one billion mark recently. Out of this large population women and children constitute nearly 2/3 of ourpopulation.... More

    pp. 221-228

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  3. Distance Education ill New Zealand and Australia

    Raman Singh, SCERT, Patna

    There has been paradigm shift in the distance and open learning system all over the world. The major shift has been noticed in the area of focus on the learners, their choice and integration of... More

    pp. 229-242

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  4. An Empirical Analysis of Interactivity in Teleconference

    Sanjaya Mishra, STRIDE, Indira Gandlhi National Open University, New Delhi

    Interactivity has always been considered as an important element in learning, which is basically the end product of a communication system. This communication system is education or distance... More

    pp. 243-254

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  5. Distance Education and Job Market: A Case Study of IGNOU Graduates

    Ashok Gaba, STRIDE, Indira Gandlhi National Open University, New Delhi

    The main focus of the present research study was to know the learners' objective ofjoining with IGNOU and utilisation of graduate degree in the job market. The study further investigated the... More

    pp. 255-264

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  6. Correlation Between Level of Dissatisfaction and Dropout of Distance Learners: A Case Study

    M. Selvam, Centre for Distance Education, Bharathidasan Universiiy

    The distance education system has been designed to bring the education at the doorsteps of learners. The enrolment of learners has been continuously increasing in the distance education. All... More

    pp. 265-272

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  7. Freshers in IGNOU : A Study of their Awareness, Interest and Motivation

    Prabir Biswas, STRIDE, Indira Gandlhi National Open University, New Delhi

    The present study was conducted with 196 freshers in IGNOU to study (i) their awareness of open learning system and IGNOU in particular, (ii) interest in study centre activities, and (iii)... More

    pp. 273-282

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  8. Learners' Profile in IGNOU: The Issue of Equity and Strategies for Reaching the Disadvantaged

    S. Kishore, Regional Centre, IGNOU, Chennai

    The foremost task of any distance learning institution (DLl) is to democratise higher education, which includes the elements of equity and access for outreach. This is also enshrined in the broad... More

    pp. 283-292

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  9. Distance Education Programmes at College and University Levels in Jammu Region : An Evaluative Study

    Kanchan Kachroo, Former Consultant, School of Education, IGNOU.

    The investigator evaluated the functioning of distance higher education programmes of different streams such as B.A., B. Corn., B. Ed., M. Com, DIM, M. B.A., BLIS, DMM, DDE and DRD run by the... More

    pp. 293-306

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