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Learning and Instruction

1997 Volume 7, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Children's informal knowledge of physical angle situations

    Michael C. Mitchelmore

    There has been very little research on children's informal knowledge of familiar situations from which the angle concept could be abstracted. The present study investigated 7-year-old children's... More

    pp. 1-19

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  2. Discontinuities and continuities in the experience of learning: An interview study of high-school students in Hong Kong

    Ference Marton, David Watkins & Catherine Tang

    An interview study was carried out with 43 high-school students with the dual aim of: (a) exploring the dimensionality of learning; and (b) investigating the nature of the relationship between... More

    pp. 21-48

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  3. Do we need to train teachers how to administer praise? self-worth theory says we do

    Ted Thompson

    This paper examines recent findings concerned with the self-worth theory of achievement motivation. This theory states that certain students (known as self-worth protective students) perform poorly... More

    pp. 49-63

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  4. Computer art graphics integration of art and science

    Anna Ursyn

    In an experimental computer art graphics class, students explored geological concepts and processes through creating art. It was examined if students' achievement in geology could be improved by... More

    pp. 65-86

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  5. Mental arithmetic and strategy use with indirect number problems up to one hundred

    M. Beishuizen, C.M. Van Putten & F. Van Mulken

    Until recently mental arithmetic with two-digit numbers up to 100 has been a rather unexplored topic in research. Not only the units but even more the tens play a central role in this number domain... More

    pp. 87-106

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