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Learning and Instruction

April 2007 Volume 17, Number 2

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Coaching for the PISA test

    Martin Brunner, Cordula Artelt, Stefan Krauss & Jürgen Baumert

    Coaching is known to improve student performance on tests with high personal relevance (“high-stakes tests”). We investigate whether the same holds for a test that has no personal relevance for the... More

    pp. 111-122

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  2. Prospective teachers' conceptions of teaching and learning revealed through metaphor analysis

    Ahmet Saban, Beyhan Nazli Kocbeker & Aslihan Saban

    This study investigated the metaphors that prospective teachers in Turkey ( More

    pp. 123-139

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  3. University teachers' experiences of academic leadership and their approaches to teaching

    Paul Ramsden, Michael Prosser, Keith Trigwell & Elaine Martin

    The study examined associations between university teachers' experiences of academic leadership, their perceptions of a specific academic context and their approaches to teaching in a particular... More

    pp. 140-155

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  4. The relationships between teachers' general beliefs about teaching and learning and their domain specific curricular beliefs

    Jan H. Van Driel, Astrid M.W. Bulte & Nico Verloop

    In this exploratory study the relationships between teachers' general educational beliefs about teaching and learning and their domain specific beliefs about a particular curriculum, that is, the... More

    pp. 156-171

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  5. Educational films in the classroom: Increasing the benefit

    Eva Michel, Claudia M. Roebers & Wolfgang Schneider

    Educational films for children aim to impart knowledge about a certain topic. In the present paper, it is investigated how much and what kind of information children can remember from educational... More

    pp. 172-183

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  6. Individual differences in graduate students' help-seeking process in using a computer coach in problem-based learning

    Julien Mercier & Carl H. Frederiksen

    There is a scarcity of research regarding help seeking in the context of computer learning environments providing on-demand help, a context in which help-seeking skills appear critical for learning... More

    pp. 184-203

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  7. Explaining with nonshared illustrations: How they constrain explanations

    Regina Jucks, Rainer Bromme & Anne Runde

    We report two experimental studies on the potentially detrimental effects of nonshared, external representations in an instructional setting. Domain experts viewing an external representation... More

    pp. 204-218

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  8. Mental rotation and diagrammatic reasoning in science

    M. Stieff

    This article presents 3 studies that examine how students and experts employ mental rotation and a learned heuristic to solve chemistry tasks that involve spatial information. Results from Study 1 ... More

    pp. 219-234

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  9. Professional learning: A fuzzy logic-based modelling approach

    Maria N. Gravani, Sofia J. Hadjileontiadou, Georgia N. Nikolaidou & Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis

    Studies have suggested that professional learning is influenced by two key parameters, i.e., climate and planning, and their associated variables (mutual respect, collaboration, mutual trust,... More

    pp. 235-252

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