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Learning and Instruction

2003 Volume 13, Number 5

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Not just Piaget; not just Vygotsky, and certainly not Vygotsky as alternative to Piaget

    Michael Shayer

    There have been many interpretations published on the relative importance of the work of both Vygotsky and Piaget: often to the detriment of the latter. This article represents an attempt to... More

    pp. 465-485

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  2. Patterns of participation and discourse in elementary students’ computer-supported collaborative learning

    Lasse Lipponen, Marjaana Rahikainen, Jiri Lallimo & Kai Hakkarainen

    The goal of the investigation was to analyze patterns of participation and discourse mediated by Virtual Web School (VWS). Twenty-three fifth-grade students participated in the study. The findings ... More

    pp. 487-509

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  3. Persuasion online or on paper: a new take on an old issue

    P.K Murphy, J.F Long, T.A Holleran & E Esterly

    Few, if any, studies have examined the persuasion process as it unfolds in the computer environments that are so popular in today’s educational settings. As such, the purpose of this study was to... More

    pp. 511-532

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  4. Effects of problem-based learning: a meta-analysis

    Filip Dochy, Mien Segers, Piet Van den Bossche & David Gijbels

    This meta-analysis has two aims: (a) to address the main effects of problem based learning on two categories of outcomes: knowledge and skills; and (b) to address potential moderators of the effect... More

    pp. 533-568

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