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Learning and Instruction

Volume 13, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Processes of decision-making in small learning groups

    G.L Huber

    This article focuses on possible interactions of students’ inter-individual differences and features of cooperative learning. In a first study the uncertainty- vs. certainty-orientation of 209... More

    pp. 255-269

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  2. Reflection and phenomenography: towards theoretical and educational development possibilities

    C Linder & D Marshall

    In this article links are explored between the characterizations of learning stemming from the phenomenographic research orientation and from Donald Schön’s reflection-in-action, an extension of... More

    pp. 271-284

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  3. Learning for mathematical insight: a longitudinal comparative study on modelling

    Ronald Keijzer & Jan Terwel

    This paper reports on a longitudinal study of teaching and learning the subject of fractions in two matched groups of ten 9–10-year-old students. In the experimental group fractions are introduced ... More

    pp. 285-304

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  4. What can we learn from how gifted/average pupils describe their processes of problem solving?

    M Gorodetsky & R Klavir

    Research on the cognitive sub-processes involved in the excellent problem solving of the gifted, as compared to the problem solving of the average person, has attributed the difference between... More

    pp. 305-325

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  5. Towards process-oriented teaching for self-directed lifelong learning: a multidimensional perspective

    Sanneke Bolhuis

    Self-directed learning is often embraced as an important educational goal, although for quite different reasons, from the improvement of school learning to the critical assessment of the claims of ... More

    pp. 327-347

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