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Learning and Instruction

Volume 12, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Developing problem solving expertise: the impact of instruction in a question analysis strategy

    Louise Sutherland

    This article reports on the implementation and evaluation of a classroom-based research project designed to examine the impact of instruction in a question analysis strategy, on the development of ... More

    pp. 155-187

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  2. Collaborative inquiry and the construction of explanations in the learning of science

    S Kaartinen & K Kumpulainen

    This study investigates the construction of explanations in a social science-learning situation, in which 18 university students participated. The science-learning task which implicitly modelled... More

    pp. 189-212

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  3. Fostering collaborative knowledge construction with visualization tools

    F Fischer, J Bruhn, C Gräsel & H Mandl

    This study investigates to what extent collaborative knowledge construction can be fostered by providing students with visualization tools as structural support. Students (32) of Educational... More

    pp. 213-232

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  4. The effects of self-explanation training on students' problem solving in high-school mathematics

    Regina M.F Wong, Michael J Lawson & John Keeves

    The performance of a group of grade 9 mathematics students trained to use a self-explanation procedure during study of a new theorem in geometry was compared with that of students who used their... More

    pp. 233-262

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