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Learning and Instruction

2000 Volume 10, Number 5

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Learning in formal and informal contexts: conceptions and strategies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students

    Gillian M Boulton-Lewis, Ference Marton, David C Lewis & Lynn A Wilss

    Research suggests that students' approaches to learning and hence learning outcomes are closely related to their conceptions of learning. This paper describes an investigation into conceptions of... More

    pp. 393-414

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  2. Social and personal aspects of self knowledge: a balance of individuality and belonging

    L.J Bornholt

    Concerns with persistent self-stereotyping by adolescents about academic achievements and body image focus attention on sources of self concepts. A self categorization approach to self concepts... More

    pp. 415-429

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  3. Mediated activity in the primary classroom: girls, boys and computers

    Helen Fitzpatrick & Margaret Hardman

    Seven and 9-year-old children (n=120) worked in same or mixed gender pairs on a language-based computer and non-computer task, and their styles of social interaction were compared. At both ages,... More

    pp. 431-446

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  4. When Does Gender Matter? Interactions during Computer-based Problem Solving

    Jean Underwood, Geoffrey Underwood & David Wood

    Children worked in pairs or as individuals on a computer-based language problem-solving task, and their keyboard activities were monitored along with their discussions of the task. A total of 60... More

    pp. 447-62

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