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American Journal of Distance Education

1999 Volume 13, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. An Argument for the Application of Copyright Law to Distance Education

    Tomas A. Lipinski

    Presents a legal analysis of the application of copyright law to distance education environments, particularly as it applies to Web-based instruction and the construction of electronic reserves, or... More

    pp. 7-21

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  2. Factors Influencing Interaction in an Online Course

    Charalambos Vrasidas & Marina Stock McIsaac

    Examines the nature of interaction in an online course from both teacher and student perspectives. Findings suggest that the structure of the course, class size, feedback, and prior experience with... More

    pp. 22-36

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  3. Perceptions and Effects of Image Transmissions during Internet-based Training

    Robert A. Wisher & Christina K. Curnow

    Examines the influence of a student's visual access to the instructor during Internet-based audiographics training. A course was taught through lecture and slides over the Internet to students at... More

    pp. 37-51

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