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CALICO Journal

September 2006 Volume 24, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Helping ESL Writers through a Multimodal, Corpus-Based, Online Grammar Resource

    Volker Hegelheimer

    Current approaches to language pedagogy recognize the fact that ESL learners need explicit help to improve the grammatical accuracy of their writing. This research investigates the utility of an... More

    pp. 5-32

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  2. Effects of Collaboration and Multimedia Annotations on Vocabulary Learning and Listening Comprehension

    Linda C. Jones

    Sixty-eight college students enrolled in a French course listened to a multimedia-based French passage in one of four groups to which they were randomly assigned: the listening text (a) alone, with... More

    pp. 33-58

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  3. A Comparison of Chat Room Productivity: In-Class versus Out-of-Class

    Robert Sanders

    Language production of Spanish students using synchronous CMC (chat) during class time was compared with that of students meeting outside of class. The study included about 100 participants... More

    pp. 59-76

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  4. Corpora Processing and Computational Scaffolding for a Web-Based English Learning Environment: The CANDLE Project

    Hsien-Chin Liou, Jason S Chang, Hao-Jan Chen, Chih-Cheng Lin, Meei-Ling Liaw, Zhao-Ming Gao, Jyh-Shing Roger Jang, Yuli Yeh, Thomas C. Chuang & Geeng-Neng You

    This paper describes the development of an innovative web-based environment for English language learning with advanced data-driven and statistical approaches. The project uses various corpora,... More

    pp. 77-95

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  5. Writing to Mean: Computer-Mediated Feedback in Online Tutoring of Multidraft Compositions

    Chi-Yen Chiu & Sandra J. Savignon

    This paper reports the findings of a case study that explores the relationship between feedback and revision in the online teaching of two EFL adult writers. The model of feedback adopted was one... More

    pp. 97-114

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  6. Student Learning in Hybrid French and Spanish Courses: An Overview of Language Online

    N Ann Chenoweth, Eiko Ushida & Kimmaree Murday

    This paper summarizes the assessment results of the Language Online project at Carnegie Mellon University. The study investigated the effectiveness of online language courses for students' learning... More

    pp. 115-146

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  7. Toward an Understanding of Incidental Input Enhancement in Computerized L2 Environments

    Carolyn Gascoigne

    Computers, computer programs, and other novel and vivid technological applications to language learning can unintentionally redirect attentional resources and therefore increase the salience of... More

    pp. 147-162

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