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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

January 2015 Volume 45, Number 1

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Number of articles: 14

  1. A qualitative metasynthesis comparing U.S. teachers' conceptions of school readiness prior to and after the implementation of NCLB

    Christopher P. Brown, The University of Texas at Austin, United States; Yi-Chin Lan, University of Taipei, Taiwan

    As school readiness continues to gain prominence on political agendas across the globe, policymakers have also implemented reforms that demand improved student performance. While these demands for ... More

    pp. 1-13

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  2. Preschool teachers' reference to theory of mind topics in three storybook contexts: Reading, reconstruction and telling

    Margalit Ziv, Marie-Lyne Smadja & Dorit Aram, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

    The study investigated preschool teachers' references to Theory of Mind (ToM) topics in three storybook contexts: reading, reconstruction, and telling. One hundred teachers introduced and discussed... More

    pp. 14-24

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  3. Critical pedagogies of place: Educators' personal and professional experiences of social (in)justice

    Juliet Christine Perumal

    Participating in the education system of a foreign country, or within a new political dispensation presents various challenges for teachers. Understanding the challenges that teachers face as a... More

    pp. 25-32

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  4. School-based social capital: The missing link between schools' socioeconomic composition and collective teacher efficacy

    Barbara Belfi, Sarah Gielen & Bieke De Fraine, Center for Educational Effectiveness and Evaluation, Belgium; Karine Verschueren, Center for School Psychology, Belgium; Chloé Meredith, Center for Educational Effectiveness and Evaluation, Belgium

    This study investigates whether the established association between school socioeconomic composition and collective teacher efficacy (CTE) is possibly mediated by teacher staffs' perceptions of... More

    pp. 33-44

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  5. Mentoring novices' teaching of historical reasoning: Opportunities for pedagogical content knowledge development through mentor-facilitated practice

    Betty Achinstein, University of California, Santa Cruz, United States; Bradley Fogo, Stanford Graduate School of Education, United States

    While worldwide policy attention turns to mentoring to develop new teachers' practice, researchers have not investigated mentoring exchanges that support novices' teaching of historical reasoning... More

    pp. 45-58

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  6. Taking note of obstacles research partners negotiate in long-term higher education community engagement partnerships

    Liesel Ebersöhn, Tilda Loots, Irma Eloff & Ronél Ferreira

    This article describes the challenges that teachers negotiated in a rural school (thwarted by rurality in an emerging-economy context) to remain partners in a long-term research project. We use the... More

    pp. 59-72

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  7. Teacher behavior as a mediator of the relationship between teacher judgment and students' motivation and emotion

    Detlef Urhahne

    The study examines whether teacher behavior is a mediator of the relationship between teacher judgment and students' motivation and emotion. Two hundred forty-six sixth grade students completed a... More

    pp. 73-82

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  8. Studying teacher noticing: Examining the relationship among pre-service science teachers' ability to attend, analyze and respond to student thinking

    Tara Barnhart & Elizabeth van Es

    This study investigates pre-service teachers' capacities to attend to, analyze, and respond to student thinking. Using a performance assessment of teacher competence, we compare two cohorts of... More

    pp. 83-93

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  9. Teacher agency, positioning, and English language learners: Voices of pre-service classroom teachers

    Hayriye Kayi-Aydar

    This study explores the identity (re)negotiations and agency of three pre-service classroom teachers who received their ESL (English as a Second Language) endorsement at a research university in... More

    pp. 94-103

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  10. Rural, suburban, and urban schools: The impact of school setting on the efficacy beliefs and attributions of student teachers

    Dee Knoblauch, Otterbein University, United States; Melissa A. Chase, Miami University, United States

    This study investigated student teachers' efficacy beliefs, to determine if school setting (i.e., rural, suburban, and urban) impacted teachers' sense of efficacy. Each setting group exhibited... More

    pp. 104-114

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  11. Support for the Improvement of Practices through Intensive Coaching (SIPIC): A model of coaching for improving reading instruction and reading achievement

    Misty Sailors, The University of Texas at San Antonio, United States; Larry Price, Texas State University, United States

    In this study, we examined one model of coaching, Support for the Improvement of Practices through Intensive Coaching (SIPIC), which draws from both direct and responsive models of coaching with... More

    pp. 115-127

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  12. Primary teachers' attitudes, intentions and practices regarding formative assessment

    Zi Yan & Eric Chi Keung Cheng

    This study aims to explore the relationships among teachers' attitudes, intentions, and practices regarding formative assessment under the framework of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. A total of... More

    pp. 128-136

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  13. Who chooses teaching under different labor market conditions? Evidence from West Germany, 1980–2009

    Martin Neugebauer

    To shed light on this question, this paper analyzes trends in labor market conditions and trends in teacher graduates' characteristics over three decades. Based on representative data from West... More

    pp. 137-148

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  14. The business of learning to teach: A Critical Metaphor Analysis of one Teacher's journey

    Lauren Gatti & Theresa Catalano, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States

    This article analyzes the learning to teach process of one novice teacher, Rachael, enrolled in an Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) in Harbor City, United States. Building on Loh and Hu's (2014)... More

    pp. 149-160

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