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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

October 2009 Volume 25, Number 7

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Research and teacher education in the UK: Building capacity

    Jean Murray, Anne Campbell, Ian Hextall, Moira Hulme, Marion Jones, Pat Mahony, Ian Menter, Richard Procter & Karl Wall

    The need for capacity-building in teacher education in the UK has been raised as a serious issue by a number of commentators. Tensions about the place of research in teacher education have... More

    pp. 944-950

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  2. Re-conceptualizing partnerships across the teacher education continuum

    Anne Moran, Lesley Abbott & Linda Clarke

    This research, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council–Teaching and Learning Research Programme (ESRC–TLRP), explored student and beginning teachers' experiences of teacher education in ... More

    pp. 951-958

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  3. Teachers as researchers in a major research project: Experience of input and output

    C. Smith, A. Blake, K. Curwen, D. Dodds, L. Easton, J. McNally, P. Swierczek & L. Walker

    Teachers have long participated in collaborative research. However, they have generally had direct stakes in the outcomes. Teachers in the Early Professional Learning (EPL) Project used their... More

    pp. 959-965

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  4. Further education teachers' accounts of their professional identities

    Martin Jephcote & Jane Salisbury

    This study of further education teachers, conducted over a two-year period, captures the realities of their working lives and, in particular, draws attention to how teachers reconcile competing... More

    pp. 966-972

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  5. Teachers learning how to learn

    Mary James & Robert McCormick

    School pupils learning how to learn (LHTL), aimed at helping them develop learning autonomy, requires teachers to develop new classroom practices. Hence teachers LHTL is equally important. The TLRP... More

    pp. 973-982

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  6. Should ‘ought’ be taught?

    Pat Mahony

    The argument in this paper is that teachers and other education professionals could benefit from the opportunity to develop ethical understanding, in addition to other aspects of professional... More

    pp. 983-989

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