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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 29, Number 5

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Moving mountains stone by stone: Reforming rural education in China

    Andy Brock

    The widely reported economic divide between the richer eastern provinces and the poorer western provinces in China has an exact parallel in the development of basic education. As a result of... More

    pp. 454-462

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  2. Education management and performance after rural education finance reform: Evidence from Western China

    Mingxing Liu, Rachel Murphy, Ran Tao & Xuehui An

    Based on a survey of rural school districts in Western China, this essay explores the effects of fiscal centralisation on the relationship between local governance and school district management,... More

    pp. 463-473

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  3. Family sources of educational gender inequality in rural China: A critical assessment

    Emily Hannum, Peggy Kong & Yuping Zhang

    In this paper, we investigate the gender gap in education in rural northwest China. We first discuss parental perceptions of abilities and appropriate roles for girls and boys; parental concerns... More

    pp. 474-486

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  4. Education, gender and Islam in China: The place of religious education in challenging and sustaining ‘undisputed traditions’ among Chinese Muslim women

    Maria Jaschok & Hau Ming Vicky Chan

    The essay investigates the place of religious and secular education in the lives of Chinese Muslim women. Education is treated as a site where state and society are reproduced and/or challenged,... More

    pp. 487-494

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  5. Learning from migrant education: A case study of the schooling of rural migrant children in Beijing

    Charlotte Goodburn

    This paper focuses on the educational opportunities available to rural migrant children in Beijing. On the basis of fieldwork conducted in migrant communities in 2004–2005, I conclude that... More

    pp. 495-504

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  6. When marketisation and privatisation clash with socialist ideals: Educational inequality in Urban China

    Ka Ho Mok, Yu Cheung Wong & Xiulan Zhang

    In the last two decades, China's education has experienced significant transformations and restructuring on account of privatization and marketization. Unlike the Mao era when the state assumed the... More

    pp. 505-512

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  7. International student migration and social stratification in China

    Biao Xiang & Wei Shen

    During the late 1990s China moved from a period of “wealth creation” that benefited the majority of the population to a period of “wealth concentration” that benefited a minority. This essay... More

    pp. 513-522

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  8. Selling ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ ‘Thought and Politics’ and the legitimisation of China's developmental strategy

    Edward Vickers

    This article examines China's senior high ‘Thought and Politics’ (sixiang zhengzhi) texts, analyzing how these seek to legitimize the regime's developmental strategy. It is argued that their... More

    pp. 523-531

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  9. Sex education in modern and contemporary China: Interrupted debates across the last century

    Alessandra Aresu

    Since the late 1980s sex education has been widely promoted in the PRC, but this is not the first time in China's modern history that attempts to develop sex education have been made. The present... More

    pp. 532-541

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