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International Journal of Educational Development

May 2005 Volume 25, Number 3

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Number of articles: 11

  1. The impact of Political Islam on education: “the revitalization of Islamic education in the Turkish educational setting”

    Ismail Guven

    This study on the revitalization of Islamic education in the Turkish educational setting focuses particularly on the impact that Political Islam has had, by analyzing the role of religion across... More

    pp. 193-208

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  2. Teachers’ experiences with an adapted IGCSE physics syllabus in Botswana

    Anthony T. Koosimile

    This paper focuses on teachers’ experiences with implementing a modified International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) physics syllabus in Botswana. The syllabus, characterised... More

    pp. 209-219

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  3. Enhancing learning in South African schools: strategies beyond outcomes-based education

    Alexa Todd & Mark Mason

    This paper addresses the problem of post-Apartheid South African schools as ineffective learning environments, and the question whether there are strategies for enhancing learning that are more... More

    pp. 221-235

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  4. Language choice, education and community identity

    Barbara Trudell

    This paper is an examination of the pedagogical and cultural impact of the PROPELCA (Operational Research Project for the Teaching of Cameroonian Languages) mother-tongue education program being... More

    pp. 237-251

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  5. Sudanese migrants in the Khartoum area: fighting for educational space

    Anders Breidlid

    This article examines the situation of the internally displaced persons from Southern Sudan living in and around the capital and their experience with the dominant Islamic discourse, and... More

    pp. 253-268

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  6. An inspector calls: the regulation of ‘budget’ private schools in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

    James Tooley & Pauline Dixon

    Research explored the regulatory regime, both ‘on paper’ and ‘in practice’, for private unaided schools serving low-income families (‘budget’ private schools), in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. ... More

    pp. 269-285

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  7. The perception gap in cross-cultural training: an investigation of British Council English language teaching projects in China

    Qing Gu

    This paper examines the implementation of British Council English language teaching projects at Chinese universities. The study argues that the key to successful cross-cultural communication is an ... More

    pp. 287-304

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  8. Group learning on the web

    E. Alant & S. Dada

    This paper examines the issues of syndicate learning in a web-based environment. The multi-professional Master's degree in Early Childhood Intervention is described and discussed in terms of its... More

    pp. 305-316

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  9. Caught in the web of quality

    Jill W. Fresen & Lesley G. Boyd

    This study investigates the quality assurance of web-supported learning and may be considered a self-evaluation exercise of the e-learning design and production unit at the University of Pretoria, ... More

    pp. 317-331

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  10. Factors contributed by community organizations to the motivation of teachers in rural Punjab, Pakistan, and implications for the quality of teaching

    J. Barrs

    The double-edged sword of Jomtien (1990), which emphasized access to education, and of Dakar (2000), which placed additional emphasis on the quality of education, the Holy Grail, provides the... More

    pp. 333-348

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  11. Short notices

    pp. 357-359

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