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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 20, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Institutional evaluation in the Mercosur: transformation or control?

    Ana Canen & Mabel Tarré de Oliveira

    In a globalised setting, the centrality of institutional evaluation for quality education and production of knowledge has been emphasised in educational reforms. This paper discusses theoretical... More

    pp. 277-286

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  2. “The real and the ideal”: teacher roles and competences in South African policy and practice

    Ken Harley, Fred Barasa, Carol Bertram, Elizabeth Mattson & Shervani Pillay

    Policy-makers have placed great faith in education as a means of transforming and developing South African society. Recent policy documents specify occupational, professional and academic roles and... More

    pp. 287-304

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  3. Old institutions, new opportunities: the emerging nature of Koranic schools in Somaliland in the 1990s

    Erasmus U. Morah

    While Koranic schools are omnipresent throughout Somaliland and can boast a student enrolment rate of 60% compared to just 17% in primary schools, their contribution to basic education is either... More

    pp. 305-322

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  4. An in-depth study of a computer course in United Arab Emirates secondary schools

    Chris Cloke & Masir Al-Ameri

    The UAE Ministry of Education introduced a computer course to first year secondary students from 1991/2. This paper presents the results of an in-depth study of the views of key participants in the... More

    pp. 323-331

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  5. Gender implications of development agency policies on education and training

    Fiona Leach

    In this paper, it is suggested that the macro-policies which the donor agencies and the development banks are currently marketing in the field of education and training would appear to contradict... More

    pp. 333-347

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  6. Women and literacy: a Nepal perspective

    A. Robinson-Pant

    This article looks at adult women's experiences of literacy and literacy learning in a remote area of Western Nepal. As part of a research degree at Sussex University, I spent eight months living... More

    pp. 349-364

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  7. Globalization, curriculum and international student communities: a case study of the United World College of the Atlantic

    Felicity A Rawlings

    pp. 365-366

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