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Computers in the Schools

1990 Volume 7, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Computers and Writing Process Instruction

    Marjorie Montague

    This article discusses writing processes and writing process instruction, describes a computer writing environment called computer-assisted composing (CAC), reviews research on CAC that... More

    pp. 5-20

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  2. Computers and Students with Behavior Disorders: A Review

    Christine O. Cheney

    Reviews the uses of computer technology for students with behavior disorders. Three categories of applications are discussed: (1) computerized instruction to enhance academic skills or achievement;... More

    pp. 47-60

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  3. Secondary Science Teachers' Attitudes about Microcomputer-Based Laboratory Techniques: Instructional Uses and Needed Improvements

    Ronald H. Heck

    Discussion of the use of computers in schools focuses on a training and support project in using microcomputer-based laboratory (MBL) techniques for secondary science teachers in the state of... More

    pp. 71-85

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