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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2009 Volume 40, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Improving the Sequential Time Perception of Teenagers with Mild to Moderate Mental Retardation with 3D Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR)

    David Passig

    Children with mental retardation have pronounced difficulties in using cognitive strategies and comprehending abstract concepts--among them, the concept of sequential time (Van-Handel, Swaab, De... More

    pp. 263-280

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  2. The Effects of Lesson Screen Background Color on Declarative and Structural Knowledge

    Roy B. Clariana & Gustavo E. Prestera

    This experimental investigation replicates previous investigations of the effects of left margin screen background color hue to signal lesson sections on declarative knowledge and extends those... More

    pp. 281-293

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  3. A Look inside a MUVE Design Process: Blending Instructional Design and Game Principles to Target Writing Skills

    Scott J. Warren, Richard A. Stein, Mary Jo Dondlinger & Sasha A. Barab

    The number of games, simulations, and multi-user virtual environments designed to promote learning, engagement with subject matter, or intended to contextualize learning has been steadily... More

    pp. 295-321

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  4. When the Book Is Better than the Movie: How Contrasting Video Cases Influence Text Learning

    Brian D. Beitzel & Sharon J. Derry

    Video usage in educational contexts is on the rise. We examined 3 alternative theories about cognitive mechanisms of learning and their implications for instructional design when video is employed ... More

    pp. 337-355

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  5. Learning to Teach Online: What Works for Pre-Service Teachers

    Heather E. Duncan & John Barnett

    While opportunities for online learning are increasing in K-12 education, few teacher education programs include courses on online teaching and learning. Using Garrison and Anderson's (2003) ... More

    pp. 357-376

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