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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2006 Volume 34, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Computer Gaming and Interactive Simulations for Learning: A Meta-Analysis

    Jennifer J. Vogel, David S. Vogel, Jan Cannon-Bowers, Clint A. Bowers, Kathryn Muse & Michelle Wright

    Substantial disagreement exists in the literature regarding which educational technology results in the highest cognitive gain for learners. In an attempt to resolve this dispute, we conducted a... More

    pp. 229-243

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  2. Gender Differences in Types of Assignments Preferred: Implications for Computer Science Instruction

    Brenda Cantwell Wilson

    A study analyzing survey results of more than 850 students enrolled in college computer courses was conducted. The survey included, among other things, questions about students' preferences for a... More

    pp. 245-255

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  3. Under the Feminist Post-Structuralist Lens: Women in Computing Education

    Katrina Markwick

    Despite various reform efforts, a persistent concern remains within education regarding the under-representation of women in non-traditional subject areas, such as science and engineering. As... More

    pp. 257-279

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  4. Listening to Students' Voices on Learning with Information Technologies in a Rich Technology-Based Classroom

    Tamar Levin & Rivka Wadmany

    This study explores the views on learning, technology and classroom practices of both students and teachers in a technology-enriched classroom environment. It examined the characteristics and... More

    pp. 281-317

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