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Journal of Educational Computing Research

Jan 01, 2004 Volume 31, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Can Students Collaboratively Use Hypermedia to Learn Science? The Dynamics of Self-And Other-Regulatory Processes in an Ecology Classroom

    Roger Azevedo, Fielding I. Winters & Daniel C. Moos

    This classroom study examined the role of low-achieving students' self-regulated learning (SRL) behaviors and their teacher's scaffolding of SRL while using a Web-based water quality simulation... More

    pp. 215-245

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  2. The Effects of Teacher Social Presence on Student Satisfaction, Engagement, and Learning

    Alyssa Wise, Juyu Chang, Thomas Duffy & Rodrigol Del Valle

    This research experimentally manipulated the social presence cues in instructor's messages to students. The context was an online professional development one-credit course with one-to-one... More

    pp. 247-271

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  3. Changes in Learning Expectations and Confidence toward Computers: A Study of Five Successive Years of Undergraduates

    Kate Garland & Jan Noyes

    Undergraduate use, their confidence toward and expectations concerning learning from computers was surveyed over five consecutive years. Significant effects over time were found, with students from... More

    pp. 273-279

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  4. A Bayesian Tutoring System for Newtonian Mechanics: Can It Adapt to Different Learners?

    Peng-Kiat Pek & Kim-Leng Poh

    Newtonian mechanics is a core module in technology courses, but is difficult for many students to learn. Computerized tutoring can assist the teachers to provide individualized instruction. This... More

    pp. 281-307

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  5. Understanding the Connection between Cognitive Tool Use and Cognitive Processes as Used by Sixth Graders in a Problem-Based Hypermedia Learning Environment

    M Liu, S Bera, S B. Corliss, M D. Svinicki & A D. Beth

    The purpose of this study was to examine the connection between sixth graders' cognitive tool use and the cognitive processes they engage in as they solve a complex problem in a hypermedia learning... More

    pp. 309-334

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