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Journal of Educational Computing Research

Apr 01, 2004 Volume 30, Number 4

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  1. Envisioning the Handheld-Centric Classroom

    Cathleen Norris & Elliot Soloway

    While appropriate as an initial focus, it is time that the educational community move beyond an emphasis on 1:1 computing (each child having his/her own personal computer) to a vision of a handheld... More

    pp. 281-294

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  2. Examining the Potential of Handheld Computers: Findings from the Ohio PEP Project

    Mark van 't Hooft, Sebastian Diaz & Karen Swan

    Handheld devices have the potential to make a large impact on K-12 educational settings, due to their relative low cost, high mobility, and interactive learning capabilities. This article, the... More

    pp. 295-311

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  3. A Framework of Three Learning Activity Levels for Enhancing the Usability and Feasibility of Wireless Learning Environments

    Hsue-Yie Wang, Tzu-Chien Liu, Chih-Yueh Chou, Jen-Kai Liang, Tak-Wai Chan & Stephen Yang

    The most recent advances in information technology have brought wireless communication and mobile devices to education. The wireless technology enhanced classroom (WiTEC) integrates a wireless... More

    pp. 331-351

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  4. The Role of Research on Contexts of Teaching Practice in Informing the Design of Handheld Learning Technologies

    William R. Penuel, Deborah G. Tatar & Jeremy Roschelle

    One definition of design is "creating something new that fits with reality" (Stults, 1985). This article describes a project in which the researchers started with the intuition that new handheld... More

    pp. 353-370

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  5. Developing a Research Agenda for Ubiquitous Computing in Schools

    Andrew Zucker

    Increasing numbers of states, districts, and schools provide every student with a computing device; for example, the middle schools in Maine maintain wireless Internet access and the students... More

    pp. 371-386

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