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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1986 Volume 2, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. The Effects of Microcomputers on Young Children: An Examination of Free-Play Choices, Sex Differences, and Social Interactions

    Judith M. Lipinski

    Describes experiments in which microcomputers were placed in large and small preschool classrooms to examine which free-play activities were and were not affected by microcomputer's presence, sex... More

    pp. 147-68

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  2. Organizational/Memory Tools: A Technique for Improving Problem Solving Skills

    Esther R. Steinberg

    This study was conducted to determine whether students would use a computer-presented organizational/memory tool as an aid in problem solving, and whether and how locus of control would affect tool... More

    pp. 169-87

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  3. Learning Disabled Students' Engaged Time and Classroom Interaction: The Impact of Computer Assisted Instruction

    Charles A. MacArthur

    Naturalistic observation techniques were used with 24 9- to 12-year-old learning disabled students to investigate two sets of variables that might influence achievement differences between computer... More

    pp. 189-98

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  4. Concept Learning in Preschool Children: Effects of a Short-Term LOGO Experience

    Douglas Degelman

    This study compared the ability of kindergarten children to solve rule-learning problems following five weeks of single-keystroke LOGO experience with that of children not exposed to LOGO. Children... More

    pp. 199-205

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