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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1997 Volume 16, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Computer Use Scale: Four Dimensions of How People Use Computers

    Jan C. Panero, David M. Lane & H Albert Napier

    The Computer Use Scale (CUS) measures how people use computers across four dimensions: Enthusiasm, Entertainment, Efficiency, and Communication. The scale was found to be reliable and was able to... More

    pp. 297-315

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  2. ArtView: Transforming Image Databases into Collaborative Learning Spaces

    Geri Gay, Kirsten Boehner & Tara Panella

    ArtView, developed at Cornell University, allows groups of learners to converse at a distance while viewing an image that has been pre-loaded by the instructor. Results of user-testing revealed... More

    pp. 317-32

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  3. Out-of-School Learning: The Case of an After-School Computer Club

    Richard E. Mayer

    Gives an introduction to three articles addressing the potential value of a network of after-school computer clubs called the Fifth Dimension. The articles demonstrate improvements in computer... More

    pp. 333-36

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  4. Learning about Technology in a Non-Instructional Environment

    Miriam W. Schustack, Rachelle Strauss & Patricia E. Worden

    Addresses the effects of an after-school computer club network, the Fifth Dimension, on children's computer knowledge development. Compares Fifth Dimension novices and "experts" who had attended... More

    pp. 337-51

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  5. Cognitive Consequences of Participation in a "Fifth Dimension" After-School Computer Club

    Richard E. Mayer, Jill Quilici, Roxana Moreno, Richard Duran, Scott Woodbridge, Rebecca Simon, David Sanchez & Amy Lavezzo

    Children who attended the Fifth Dimension after-school computer club at least 10 times during the 1994-95 school year performed better on word problem comprehension tests than did non-participating... More

    pp. 353-69

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  6. Effects of Participation in the Fifth Dimension on Far Transfer

    William E. Blanton, Gary B. Moorman, Bobbie A. Hayes & Mark L. Warner

    Examines the effects of participation in the Fifth Dimension after-school computer program on far transfer achievement in the subject areas of reading and math. Provides evidence that children who ... More

    pp. 371-96

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