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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1995 Volume 12, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Students' Off-Line and On-Line Experiences

    Elizabeth A. Davis

    Examines the knowledge construction processes of novice programmers using parentheses and quotes in hypermedia; identifies characteristics of successful and unsuccessful students working off- and... More

    pp. 109-34

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  2. The Reliability and Validity of the Bath County Computer Attitude Scale

    Leslie J. Francis & Thomas E. Evans

    The Bath County Computer Attitude Scale was designed to assess attitudes of students in grades 4-12 toward 5 areas: general computer use, computer-assisted instruction, programming and technical... More

    pp. 135-46

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  3. Gender Differences in Self-Efficacy and Attitudes toward Computers

    Tor Busch

    Investigates gender differences in computer use among 147 college students. Students completed a questionnaire designed to measure self-efficacy, computer anxiety, computer liking, and computer... More

    pp. 147-58

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  4. Development and Validation of an Instrument for Assessing the Psychosocial Environment of Computer-Assisted Learning Classrooms

    George P. L. Teh & Barry J. Fraser

    Examines the development and validation of a new instrument that assesses student perceptions of gender equity, investigation, innovation, and resource adequacy in computer-assisted learning. A... More

    pp. 177-93

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