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Journal of Educational Computing Research

1985 Volume 1, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Patterns of Microcomputer Use in Teaching Mathematics and Science

    Richard J. Shavelson

    This study describes how elementary and secondary California teachers nominated as successful in their microcomputer-based instruction teach science and mathematics, and how their computer usage... More

    pp. 395-413

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  2. The Relationship between Students' Information-Processing Styles and Logo Programming

    Carol A. Bradley

    This study explored relationships among elementary students' cognitive styles, Logo programing, academic achievement, and cognitive abilities. It was found that top-down processing as measured by a... More

    pp. 427-33

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  3. The Role of Gender in Computer Programming Learning Processes

    Noreen M. Webb

    Two studies investigated gender differences in planning and debugging behavior, group processes, and achievement among junior high school students learning either Logo or BASIC computer programing ... More

    pp. 441-58

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  4. The Importance of Group Size in the Use of Problem-Solving Skills on a Microcomputer

    Dorothy A. Cox & Carl F. Berger

    This study examined microcomputer use by individual students and groups of two, three, and five seventh- and eighth-grade students to discover any relationship existing between group size and... More

    pp. 459-68

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