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Mathematics and Computer Education

1985 Volume 19, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Microcomputer Educational Networking in West Virginia

    John E. Cook

    The development and implementation of the educational computer network in West Virginia are summarized. Task force conclusions, equipment configuration networking, clusters of terminal processors, ... More

    pp. 11-21

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  2. A Game of Chance on the Boardwalk

    Eileen L. Poiani & Gerard P. Protomastro

    The game of craps is analyzed in terms of mathematical expectation. Betting examples are presented and discussed, and a computer simulation program in BASIC is included. (MNS) More

    pp. 26-38

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  3. Conics and Finite Geometries

    Thomas W. Shilgalis

    The results of investigations into finite geometries, prompted by questions raised in a course for secondary school mathematics teachers, are presented. The discussion of points, lines, and... More

    pp. 39-44

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  4. On the Behavior of y Equals x to the n Power Times Sin 1/x

    Porter G. Webster

    The behavior of some functions near the point of origin is discussed. Each function oscillates, and as x approaches 0, the oscillations become increasingly more rapid; their behavior near the... More

    pp. 45-48

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  5. Right Answer--Wrong Method

    Whitney Harris

    An example is given of how to help students who have obtained a correct answer by a wrong method. They are asked to suppose that a child has found an easy method for division, and eventually write ... More

    pp. 49-51

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  6. Remarks on the Non-Linear Differential Equation the Second Derivative of Theta Plus A Sine Theta Equals 0

    Temple H. Fay & Elizabeth A. O'Neal

    The authors draw together a variety of facts concerning a nonlinear differential equation and compare the exact solution with approximate solutions. Then they provide an expository introduction to ... More

    pp. 53-59

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