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Higher Education in Europe

1998 Volume 23, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The Challenge of Change in the Information Age: Three Forces Spurring University Transformation

    Kathryn M. Moore

    Universities worldwide are being confronted simultaneously with three forces of change: new student populations; new technologies; and new ideas regarding teaching, learning, and what it means to... More

    pp. 163-68

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  2. Innovation Technology and Higher Education

    Valerio Grementieri

    The current decade has witnessed an unprecedented relationship, in character and impact, between technological innovation and social and economic organization. A new information society has been... More

    pp. 169-75

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  3. Universities, the Information Technology Challenge, and Open and Distance Learning in Central and Eastern Europe

    Tamas Lajos & Andras Szucs

    The educational needs of Eastern and Central Europe can be met by distance education. Since the 1990 founding of the European Distance Education Network, proponents of open and distance education... More

    pp. 177-85

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  4. The Development of Distance Learning Delivery Systems

    Timothy Prewitt

    The history of distance education, traditionally a peripheral university activity, is chronicled, beginning with the advent of the British Open University and through developments in technology... More

    pp. 187-96

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  5. Computer-Supported Co-operative Learning

    Adina Magda Florea

    Discusses the impact of computer-supported cooperative work tools in the creation of educational environments and the facilities such tools bring to teaching methods, and examines the relationship ... More

    pp. 195-204

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  6. The International Multimedia University

    Umberto Sulpasso

    The advent of new technologies is revolutionizing possibilities for distance education. International Multimedia University (Italy), a commercial enterprise, was established as a clearinghouse for ... More

    pp. 227-31

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  7. Teaching and Learning Physics Using the Internet: The Baldufa Project

    Xavier Bohigas, Xavier Jaen & Montse Novell

    The Baldufa project at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) is designed to assist physics teachers and students with teaching and learning activities. It has established Web and... More

    pp. 233-40

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  8. The New Technologies and Borderless Higher Education: the Quality Imperative

    Marjorie Peace Lenn

    Development of quality-assurance mechanisms for course and program offerings delivered internationally is lagging; only the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong have taken steps to regulate the ... More

    pp. 241-51

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