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Computers & Education

1998 Volume 31, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. An experiment with WWW interactive learning in university education

    David R. McIntyre & Francis G. Wolff

    The World Wide Web coupled with user friendly Web browsers now provide access to multimedia Web pages in universally accepted formats that can be accessed world wide easily via inexpensive desk-top... More

    pp. 255-264

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  2. Teamwork: can it equip university science students with more than rigid subject knowledge?

    Rénette J Blignaut & Isabella M Venter

    This study is two-fold in that it is directed at understanding the influence of group constitution on group function as well as the influence of teamwork and cooperative learning on the individual'... More

    pp. 265-279

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  3. Performing automatic exams

    G. Frosini, B. Lazzerini & F. Marcelloni

    In this paper we describe a tool to build software systems which replace the role of the examiner during a typical Italian academic exam in technical/scientific subjects. Such systems are designed ... More

    pp. 281-300

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  4. An investigation of the potential for a computer-based tutorial program covering the cardiovascular system to replace traditional lectures

    D.G. Dewhurst & A.D. Williams

    Although the availability of computer-based learning materials in the biomedical sciences is increasing there are relatively few studies which compare the effectiveness of this mode of teaching... More

    pp. 301-317

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  5. Self Test: a flexible self assessment package for distance and other learners

    Janet A. Taylor

    In this paper we present a new flexible self assessment package called Self Test. This package has been designed primarily for distance students to assess their readiness or mastery of particular... More

    pp. 319-328

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  6. Insights into ICT capability on a teacher-mentored PGCE course

    John Trushell, Ann Slater, Raymonde Sneddon & Helen Mitchell

    The study examines the development of ICT capability by associate-trainees on a postgraduate certificate of education course. The course involves the promotion of ICT use during three classroom... More

    pp. 329-347

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