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Computing Teacher

1988 Volume 15, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Research Windows

    Betty Collis

    Summarizes five studies related to computerized language education: (1) speech synthesizers and children's writing abilities; (2) comparison of Writing to Read program and traditional teaching; (3)... More

    pp. 15-16

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  2. The Student-Designed Database

    Rick Thomas

    This discussion of the design of data files for databases to be created by secondary school students uses AppleWorks software as an example. Steps needed to create and use a database are explained,... More

    pp. 17-19

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  3. Equity in Technology

    Ellen Richman

    Discusses program designed by the Educational Computer Consortium of Ohio (ECCO) to address the problems of equity in computer technology among minority, female, economically disadvantaged, and... More

    pp. 35-37

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  4. Keyboarding, Language Arts, and the Elementary School Child

    Ernest Balajthy

    Discusses benefits of keyboarding instruction for elementary school students, emphasizing the integration of keyboarding with language arts instruction. Traditional typing and computer-assisted... More

    pp. 40-43

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