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Computing Teacher

1987 Volume 14, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Spreadsheets in the Classroom

    Joan Marie Brown

    Presents two lesson plans for use when introducing computerized spreadsheet programs to high school students and discusses behavioral objectives, necessary equipment, teacher preparation, and... More

    pp. 8-12

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  2. The Spreadsheet: Solving Word Problems

    Ofar S. Arad

    Presents several examples of algebraic word problems and demonstrates how spreadsheets are used to solve the problems. Spreadsheet templates are included to illustrate how each problem is solved. (... More

    pp. 13-15

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  3. Microcomputers and the Improvement of Revision Skills

    Ernest Balajthy

    Discusses use of word processing software as an effective tool in writing and revision instruction, and describes the role of the teacher. Examples of exercises that encourage revision and of... More

    pp. 28-31

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  4. The Teacher's Role in Using the Computer to Teach Thinking Skills

    Robert M. van Deusen & Jean Donham

    Discusses classroom use of appropriate software to help teachers create a manageable environment to focus on thinking skills; presents software selection criteria; and discusses the teacher's role ... More

    pp. 32-34

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