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Computing Teacher

1984 Volume 12, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Computer Gradebooks: Implications for Teachers

    Richard Germundsen & Allen D. Glenn

    Presents findings of a study conducted to determine how teachers, students, and parents feel about use of a computer gradebook in a junior high school and discusses implications for teachers and... More

    pp. 13-15

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  2. Using the Computer to Strengthen Spelling

    Yvonna Devall

    Reviews the best currently available spelling software, including drill and practice, tutorial, game, and proofreading/word processing programs, and discusses criteria for spelling software... More

    pp. 19-20

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  3. Preparing Computer-Using Educators

    Margaret L. Moore

    Description of Northwest Council for Computer Education's efforts to develop computer education guideline competencies to aid in developing teacher training programs. Discusses stages of... More

    pp. 48-52

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  4. Instructional Learner Feedback: A Literature Review with Implications for Software Development

    Jeri Carter

    Summarizes educational research on four aspects of learner feedback--function, timing, schedule, and type--and discusses implications of the findings for software development. (MBR) More

    pp. 53-55

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