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Computing Teacher

1984 Volume 11, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Cloze Procedure: A Computer Application

    Jim Montgomery

    Describes how a microcomputer with a word processing program can be used efficiently to generate cloze tests, offering teachers an effective method of producing individualized materials for reading... More

    pp. 16-17

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  2. Tree

    Jim McCauley

    Relates experiences of an elementary school reading teacher and a group of fifth- and sixth-grade students in exploring the computer programing language Logo. Use of a tree-like figure as an... More

    pp. 22-28

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  3. Computers and Media Centers--A Winning Combination

    Nancy Graf

    Profile of the computer program offered by the library/media center at Chief Joseph Junior High School in Richland, Washington, highlights program background, operator's licensing procedure, the... More

    pp. 42-44

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  4. Changing Teacher and Student Attitudes through Word Processing

    Adelaide Palmer

    Description of a pilot word processing program instituted in two sixth-grade classes highlights teacher experiences and reactions of students obtained from an end of the year survey. Motivation and... More

    pp. 45-47

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  5. A Universal Graph Plotting Routine

    Theodore F. Bogart

    Presents a programing subroutine which will create a graphical plot that occupies any number of columns specified by user and will run with versions of BASIC programming language. Illustrations of ... More

    pp. 52-54

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