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Computing Teacher

1984 Volume 11, Number 7

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Computer Demonstrations for Your Benefit

    Richard Alan Smith

    Summarizes procedures of the Houston Independent School District's Technology Hardware Selection Committee for demonstrations of microcomputer products being considered for purchase, including... More

    pp. 14-17

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  2. Computer Competencies for School Administrators

    Ted Mims & Jim Poirot

    A 31-member evaluation panel of educational administrators, college or university faculty, and computer vendors were asked to rate the level of importance of 42 competencies validated by 10... More

    pp. 38-39

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  3. Helping Students with Recursion: Teaching Strategies. Part III: Teaching Students about Embedded Recursion

    Tim Riordon

    Describes activities designed to teach students about embedded recursion. Topics cover providing intuitions about embedded recursions, predicting embedded recursions, seeing patterns and processes,... More

    pp. 64-69

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