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Computing Teacher

November 1982 Volume 10, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Learning Logo and Liking It

    Rick Billstein

    Discusses author's adaptation of the computer language Logo as an aid in teaching college preservice education students programming, geometry, arithmetic, and problem solving. A description of how ... More

    pp. 18-20

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  2. Logo and the Primary-Junior Pupil: One Student's First Encounter

    Rena Upitis

    Describes initial encounter of a fifth grade student with Logo, a computer program language designed to develop in the user a knowledge of programing, geometry, arithmetic, and problem solving. A... More

    pp. 28-31

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  3. Creating a Logo Environment

    Tim Riordon

    Discusses creation of computer classroom environment by implementing Logo, a computer program language designed to develop knowledge of programing, mathematics, and problem solving. Five questions ... More

    pp. 46-50

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  4. WATERCROSS: A Logo Exploration

    Tom Lough

    Describes a short computer program written in Logo programing language designed to provide students with new experiences in the study of vectors as they apply to classical physics. Suggestions for ... More

    pp. 51-54

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  5. Computer-Aided Definition, Manipulation and Depiction of Objects Composed of Spheres

    Kenneth Knowlton

    Provides insight into technique for developing 3-dimensional computer graphics for use in artistic expression, design of functional objects, and the development of frame-by-frame computer animated ... More

    pp. 64-69

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