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Brain and Cognition

April 2010 Volume 72, Number 3

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Number of articles: 2

  1. How to Explain Receptivity to Conjunction-Fallacy Inhibition Training: Evidence from the Iowa Gambling Task

    Mathieu Cassotti & Sylvain Moutier

    Intuitive predictions and judgments under conditions of uncertainty are often mediated by judgment heuristics that sometimes lead to biases. Using the classical conjunction bias example, the... More

    pp. 378-384

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  2. Deactivation in the Sensorimotor Area during Observation of a Human Agent Performing Robotic Actions

    Sotaro Shimada

    It is well established that several motor areas, called the mirror-neuron system (MNS), are activated when an individual observes other's actions. However, whether the MNS responds similarly to... More

    pp. 394-399

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