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T.H.E. Journal

1999 Volume 26, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Stories with Data and Data with Stories

    Margaret Bingham

    Discusses the need for tools and instruments to measure and document the impact of technology, particularly microcomputers, on teaching and learning. Describes several tools currently being used,... More

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  2. Data Lends Schools a Helping Hand

    Bernajean Porter

    Discusses technology-planning processes in schools and presents two case studies of districts who used data findings to support steps for technology implementation. Highlights include planning... More

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  3. Teaching via ITV: Taking Instructional Design to the Next Level

    Karen Jarrett Thoms

    Addresses visual literacy and instructional-design issues as they relate to teaching courses via two-way interactive television (ITV). Based on an ITV course at St. Cloud State University ... More

    pp. 60-66

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  4. How Undergraduates Learn Computer Skills: Results of a Survey and Focus Group

    Philip Davis

    Reports on the quantitative findings from a survey of Cornell University undergraduates and on qualitative findings from a prior focus group that investigated computer literacy and the most... More

    pp. 68-71

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  5. Concentration and Infusion-Two Approaches for Teaching Technology for Lifelong Learners

    Lawrence A. Tomei

    Discusses adult learners, lifelong learning, and methods for teaching the use of technology based on experiences with graduate students at Duquesne University. Examines computer hardware, computing... More

    pp. 72-76

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