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Asia-Pacific Education Researcher

2013 Volume 22, Number 4

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  1. Student Teachers' Motivation and Perceptions of E-Portfolio in the Context of Problem-Based Learning

    Stefanie Y. Chye, Albert K. Liau & Woon Chia Liu

    E-portfolios are increasingly seen as a promising tool for facilitating learning as students engage in the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) process. Research that evaluates e-portfolios in the context ... More

    pp. 367-375

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  2. Facilitating Students' Development of Their Views on Nature of Science: A Knowledge Building Approach

    Amos Goh, Ching Sing Chai & Chin-Chung Tsai

    Students' views on the nature of science and on the levels of self-directed and collaborative learning with technology support affect the manner in which learning is conducted in the classroom.... More

    pp. 521-530

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  3. Answers to Outstanding Questions about Japanese Student ICT Competencies and a Glance into a Mobile Future

    Thomas Lockley

    The seeming dearth of computer literacy skills amongst Japanese university students has caused much academic interest recently (see for example Lockley, "JALT CALL J," 7(1):93-103, 2011a;... More

    pp. 603-617

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  4. Online Reading Activities and ICT Use as Mediating Variables in Explaining the Gender Difference in Digital Reading Literacy: Comparing Hong Kong and Korea

    Kwok-cheung Cheung, Soi-kei Mak & Pou-seong Sit

    Using data drawn from the OECD's Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) conducted in 2009, the present study sought to examine the mediating effects of three kinds of variables in... More

    pp. 709-720

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