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International Journal of Instructional Media

Jan 01, 2005 Volume 32, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Diabetes and Your Eyes: A Pilot Study on Multimedia Education for Underserved Populations

    Kimberly Lawless, Louanne Smolin, Ben Gerber, Irwin Brodsky, Mariela Girotti, Lourdes Pelaez & Arnold Eiser

    There is a growing interest in the use of multimedia educational materials for individuals with chronic diseases. However, there is little data available regarding the use by underserved... More

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  2. Instructional Media Initiatives: Focusing on the Educational Resources Center at Thirteen/wnet, New York, New York-- Slavery and the Making of America

    Jim Donlevy

    Slavery and the Making of America, a four-part series from PBS, is airing throughout the United States during February 2005. This landmark series examines the history of slavery in the United... More

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  3. Motivational Qualities of Instructional Strategies and Computer Use for Mathematics Teaching in Japan and the United States: Results from the Timss 1999 Assessment

    J Daniel House

    Recent mathematics assessments have indicated that students in several Asian countries have tended to score above international averages. Research findings indicate that there are cultural... More

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  4. Analyzing Student-Student and Student-Instructor Interaction through Multiple Communication Tools in Web-Based Learning

    Seung H. Jin

    The main focus of this study was to analyze how the patterns of interaction contributed to the construction of shared knowledge in online learning environments by looking closely at a web-based... More

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  5. Teaching the Tools

    Michael R. Ruffini

    Teaching computer applications can be a very tedious and time-consuming task. The purpose of this article is to present a systematic approach to help guide teachers in teaching computer... More

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  6. How the Internet Facilitates Learning as Dialog: Design Considerations for Online Discussions

    David Hung, Seng Chee Tan & Der-Thanq Chen

    Online learning through the Internet is seen to be pervasive in today's educational and corporate sectors. Online learning also promises all kinds of possibilities for learning and this paper makes... More

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  7. Web-Based Training in Corporations: Design Issues

    Doris Lee, Terri Chamers & Tim Ely

    Web-based training, WBT, is a relatively new application of instructional design in any organization. Advances in technology may tempt WBT designers to use the fastest or the latest technological... More

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