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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1993 Volume 21, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Captioned Television Videotapes: Effects of Visual Support on Second Language Comprehension

    P L. Markham

    Describes a study that was conducted to examine the effects of captioned video material of varying difficulty on intermediate and advanced English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students' comprehension... More

    pp. 183-91

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  2. An Initial Evaluation of the Use of Captioned Television to Improve the Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension of Navy Sailors

    Ray Griffin & Jeanie Dumestre

    Describes a study of the use of captioned television to improve the reading comprehension and vocabulary skills of U.S. Navy sailors that was conducted to help find low-cost, low-intervention... More

    pp. 193-206

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  3. Linking Different Cultures by Computers: A Study of Computer-Assisted Music Notation Instruction

    Steve Shihong Chen & J Richard Dennis

    Describes a study that investigated the feasibility of using computers to teach music notation systems to Chinese students, as well as to help Western educators study Chinese music and its number... More

    pp. 207-24

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  4. Students' Perceptions of the Ease of Learning from Computers and Interactive Video: An Exploratory Study

    Katherine S. Cennamo

    Discussion of learners' preconceptions of media focuses on a study that investigated preservice teachers' preconceptions of the ease of achieving various learning outcomes (i.e., psychomotor,... More

    pp. 251-63

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