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Journal of College Science Teaching

May 2012 Volume 41, Number 5

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries in the First Year: A New Introductory Integrated Science Course for STEM Majors

    Lisa Gentile, Lester Caudill, Mirela Fetea, April Hill, Kathy Hoke, Barry Lawson, Ovidiu Lipan, Michael Kerckhove, Carol Parish, Krista Stenger & Doug Szajda

    To help undergraduates make connections among disciplines so they are able to approach, evaluate, and contribute to the solutions of important global problems, our campus has been focused on... More

    pp. 44-50

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  2. Mandatory Climate Change Discussions in Online Classrooms: Promoting Students' Climate Literacy and Understanding of the Nature of Science

    Renee M. Clary & James H. Wandersee

    Graduate students entered our online classrooms with robust, but nonscientific, opinions on climate change. To expose students to critical analysis of media and emphasize the nature of science, we ... More

    pp. 70-79

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