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Journal of College Science Teaching

March 2011 Volume 40, Number 4

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  1. Students' Perceptions of Using Personal Response Systems ("Clickers") with Cases in Science

    Bjorn H. K. Wolter, Mary A. Lundeberg, Hosun Kang & Clyde F. Herreid

    The authors explored whether a new pedagogy using personal response systems (clickers) along with case study teaching improved students' perceptions of their understanding of science in large... More

    pp. 14-19

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  2. Does Active Learning Improve Students' Knowledge of and Attitudes toward Research Methods?

    Jay Campisi & Kevin E. Finn

    We incorporated an active, collaborative-based research project in our undergraduate Research Methods course for first-year sports medicine majors. Working in small groups, students identified a... More

    pp. 38-45

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  3. In Case You Are Interested: Results of a Survey of Case Study Teachers

    Clyde Freeman Herreid, Nancy A. Schiller, Ky F. Herreid & Carolyn Wright

    Case study teaching had a long tradition in law and business before it made the jump to medical school education in the form of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in the 1970s. Today, both the University... More

    pp. 76-80

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  4. Online Homework, Help or Hindrance? What Students Think and How They Perform

    Michelle Richards-Babb, Janice Drelick, Zachary Henry & Jennifer Robertson-Honecker

    To improve students' retention rates in general chemistry, online homework was introduced into our curriculum. Replacing quizzes directly by online homework significantly improved (p less than 0... More

    pp. 81-93

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