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Journal of College Science Teaching

September 2010 Volume 40, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. A Journal-Club-Based Class that Promotes Active and Cooperative Learning of Biology

    Ana A. Kitazono

    A journal-club-based class has been developed to promote active and cooperative learning and expose seniors in biochemistry and cellular molecular biology to recent research in the field. Besides... More

    pp. 20-27

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  2. The Implementation and Growth of an International Online Forensic Science Graduate Program at the University of Florida

    Oliver Grundmann, Donna Wielbo & Ian Tebbett

    Forensic science education has evolved as an interdisciplinary science that includes medicine, chemistry, biology, and criminal justice. Therefore, multiple paths can lead to a career in forensic... More

    pp. 34-40

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  3. Use of Thermochrons in the Classroom

    Margaret Marie Avard

    Preservice elementary education students often do not have a good feel for the process of science. Many may be acquainted with the steps of the scientific method but have never been through the... More

    pp. 58-63

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  4. Using a Student-Manipulated Model to Enhance Student Learning in a Large Lecture Class

    Kyle Gray, David Steer, David McConnell & Katharine Owens

    Despite years of formal education, approximately one-third of all undergraduate students still cannot explain the causes of the seasons. Student manipulation of a handheld model is one approach to ... More

    pp. 86-95

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