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Journal of College Science Teaching

March 2010 Volume 39, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Integrative Metabolism: An Interactive Learning Tool for Nutrition, Biochemistry, and Physiology

    Gale Carey

    Metabolism is a dynamic, simultaneous, and integrative science that cuts across nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology. Teaching this science can be a challenge. The use of a scenario-based,... More

    pp. 16-22

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  2. Developing Problem-Solving Skills of Students Taking Introductory Physics via Web-Based Tutorials

    Chandralekha Singh & Daniel Haileselassie

    Science teaching and learning can be made both engaging and student-centered using pedagogical, computer-based learning tools. We have developed self-paced interactive problem-solving tutorials for... More

    pp. 42-49

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  3. Virtual Field Exercises in the Online Classroom: Practicing Science Teachers' Perceptions of Effectiveness, Best Practices, and Implementation

    Renee M. Clary & James H. Wandersee

    A new challenge in science education at the university level is the implementation of effective field components within online courses. In nationwide online graduate geoscience courses composed of ... More

    pp. 50-58

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