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Theory Into Practice

July 2008 Volume 47, Number 3

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  1. Digital Cheating and Plagiarism in Schools

    Hongyan Ma, Guofang Wan & Eric Yong Lu

    Cheating is not a new phenomenon, yet the ways that students cheat and their attitudes toward cheating have changed. The Internet age has brought tremendous opportunities for students and teachers ... More

    pp. 197-203

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  2. Technology and Reform-Based Science Education

    Danielle E. Dani & Kathleen M. Koenig

    Current reforms in science education call for the integration of digital technologies into science teaching, advocating that students learn science content and processes through technology. In this... More

    pp. 204-211

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  3. Ensuring Equal Access to Technology: Providing Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities

    Hwa Lee & Rosalyn Templeton

    With the passage of landmark federal laws, equal access to technology for all students, regardless of their abilities, has been getting increasing attention in the field of education. Although... More

    pp. 212-219

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  4. Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool for the 21st Century Classroom

    Bernard R. Robin

    Digital storytelling has emerged over the last few years as a powerful teaching and learning tool that engages both teachers and their students. However, until recently, little attention has been... More

    pp. 220-228

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  5. Video Games in Education: Why They Should Be Used and How They Are Being Used

    Leonard A. Annetta

    Today's K-20 students have been called, among other names, the net generation. As they matriculate through the education system, they are often exposed to materials and manipulatives used for the... More

    pp. 229-239

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  6. What Differences Technology Makes for a High School Career Center

    Kathleen Shelton Haskell & Thomas Owen Haskell

    Over the last 8 years, the steady integration of new media has facilitated the senior project for College Tech Prep students at the Tri-County Career Center. Through the implementation of a student... More

    pp. 252-258

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  7. Creating a Ripple Effect: Incorporating Multimedia-Assisted Project-Based Learning in Teacher Education

    Kay Kyeongju Seo, Rosalyn Templeton & Debra Pellegrino

    This article explores the effects of multimedia-assisted, project-based learning in teacher education. We conducted pre- and post-surveys to investigate how the experience of developing multimedia ... More

    pp. 259-265

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