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Physics Teacher

1994 Volume 32, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Real-World Physics: A Portable MBL for Field Measurements

    Clifton Albergotti

    Uses a moderately priced digital multimeter that has output and software compatible with personal computers to make a portable, computer-based data-acquisition system. The system can measure... More

    pp. 206-9

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  2. Using Digitized Video for Motion Analysis

    David L. Wagner

    Describes the Macintosh equipment and software necessary to obtain and use digitized video for motion analysis. Also provides a simple strategy for undertaking such an analysis. (MVL) More

    pp. 240-43

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  3. Teaching the Nonlinear Pendulum

    T F. Zheng

    Emphasizes two aspects for a calculus-based physics course: applying calculus and numerical integral methods to determine the theoretical period of a pendulum with nonlinear motion, and achieving... More

    pp. 248-51

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