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Physics Education

2018 Volume 53, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Modeling Human Gait in High School

    F. S. Neto & P. V. S. Souza

    We propose an experimental activity in order to develop a mathematical model that relates step length and walking speed of human beings. We employ two well-known physics teaching softwares, namely,... More

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  2. Building Black Box Circuit Simulators to Test and Improve Pupils' Problem-Solving Ability

    Mark Harrison

    Putting an electrical circuit within an inaccessible black box and asking pupils to deduce what wiring is contained within the box based solely on the circuit's behaviour is a simple teaching idea ... More

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  3. Computer Simulations Combined with Experiments for a Calculus-Based Physics Laboratory Course

    Sergey V. Samsonau

    This paper presents a set of laboratory classes to be taught as a part of a 1 year calculus-based physics class. It is composed of 7 modules designed to bring together experiments and computer... More

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