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Library Trends

2001 Volume 50, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Development, Delivery, and Outcomes of a Distance Course for New College Students

    Nancy O'Hanlon

    Describes a distance education online information literacy course developed at Ohio State University libraries that used interactive tutorials, Web-based tests, and practice-oriented worksheets.... More

    pp. 8-27

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  2. Teaching from the Web: Constructing a Library Learning Environment Where Connections Can Be Made

    Suellen Cox & Elizabeth Housewright

    Describes a course developed by librarians at California State University, Fullerton as an introduction to information technology for freshmen students. Topics include collaboration and feedback... More

    pp. 28-46

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  3. Web-based Library Instruction for a Changing Medical School Curriculum

    Joan R. Kaplowitz & David O. Yamamoto

    Describes how librarians at the UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) biomedical library adopted to changes in the medical school's curriculum, developed new ways to support the school's... More

    pp. 47-57

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  4. The Internet Navigator: An Online Internet Course for Distance Learners

    Carol Hansen

    Describes the history and recent developments in the Internet Navigator Online Course that was developed by the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC) to teach information literacy competencies... More

    pp. 58-72

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  5. Information Technology Literacy: Task Knowledge and Mental Models

    D Scott Brandt

    Describes the importance of information technology literacy as a precursor to information literacy. Discusses the differences between the two literacies; instructional systems design; a methodology... More

    pp. 73-86

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  6. The Use of CAI for Distance Teaching in the Formulation of Search Strategies

    Ina Fourie

    Discusses the use of computer assisted instruction (CAI) and distance education in teaching search strategies to end users and describes a tutorial developed at the University of South Africa on... More

    pp. 110-29

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  7. Technology: Servant or Master of the Online Teacher?

    Ransford C. Pyle & Charles D. Dziuban

    Discusses the necessity for making teaching and learning needs take precedence over being driven by technological advances on the Internet and the World Wide Web and proposes three different... More

    pp. 130-44

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  8. The Ideal Online Course

    Alison Carr-Chellman & Philip Duchastel

    Addresses key issues facing designers of Web-based university courses. Topics include online courses; the technologies involved; online study guides; assignments; online examples; course... More

    pp. 145-58

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