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Journal of Research in Science Teaching

November 2011 Volume 48, Number 9

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Slowmation: Preservice Elementary Teachers Representing Science Knowledge through Creating Multimodal Digital Animations

    Garry Hoban, John Loughran & Wendy Nielsen

    Research has identified the value of learners using technology to construct their own representations of science concepts. In this study, we investigate how learners, such as preservice elementary ... More

    pp. 985-1009

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  2. Student Learning in Science Simulations: Design Features that Promote Learning Gains

    Kathleen Scalise, Michael Timms, Anita Moorjani, LaKisha Clark, Karen Holtermann & P Shawn Irvin

    This research examines science-simulation software available for grades 6-12 science courses. The study presented, funded by the National Science Foundation, had two objectives: a literature... More

    pp. 1050-1078

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  3. Measuring Knowledge Integration: Validation of Four-Year Assessments

    Ou Lydia Liu, Hee-Sun Lee & Marcia C. Linn

    Science education needs valid, authentic, and efficient assessments. Many typical science assessments primarily measure recall of isolated information. This paper reports on the validation of... More

    pp. 1079-1107

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