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Journal of Educational Psychology

2002 Volume 94, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 2

  1. Optimizing Learning from Examples Using Animated Pedagogical Agents

    Robert K. Atkinson

    Aims to optimize computer-based learning environment designed to teach how to solve word problems by incorporating an animated pedagogical agent. The agent delivered instructional explanations... More

    pp. 416-27

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  2. Animated Pedagogical Agents in Multimedia Educational Environments: Effects of Agent Properties, Picture Features, and Redundancy

    Scotty D. Craig, Barry Gholson & David M. Driscoll

    Two experiments explored the integration of animated agents into multimedia environments in the context of R. E. Mayer's (2001) cognitive theory of multimedia learning. The spoken-narration-only... More

    pp. 428-34

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